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How do you beat competitors on YouTube and gain success?

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In this article, I wrote that “how do you beat competitors on YouTube or chase popular YouTube channels and beat them on YouTube”. Before starting your lecture, let me ask you a question, just think in your mind how many subscribers are there in your channel? One billion? 10000? 1000? 100? 10? Or 0? But, you are so worried to go further because there are so many producers, so many channels.

So where are the chances of earning money and how do you move through these channels? But, I am asking you some questions very seriously and you guys will answer me very seriously that you have an intense passion to chase or defeat Guruji? Or to defeat any of your contestants on YouTube. If you have a take-channel. If you have a comedy channel or prank video channel, can you beat Bhuvan Bomb? If you have a cooking channel, can you beat Nisha Mathuli? If you have a beauty tips channel, can you beat Trisha? Therefore, these questions are from me and you answer me very seriously in view of these questions. If you do not have the answer, I will tell you to just close this video and not waste your time and leave your comments and abuses me in my comment box too, but do not waste your time because time is too precious.

There are many ways to beat competitors on YouTube

Turn your passion into a business. If you have the passion and if you have hot blood and if you believe that man can do anything if you imagine you can beat these channels and if you dream it Yes, I will show the right path. At one time, the All India Bakchod channel topped YouTube. At that time, Bhuvan Bomb did not set his foot on YouTube. Bhuvan Bomb hit YouTube in 2015 and never thought that all comedy channels are behind Bhuvan Bomb. But, time goes by, time passes and in just 1.5 years Bhuvan Bomb followed these channels and he overtook and all the contestants lagged behind. At the same time, Technical Guruji was launched about 3 months later from the release time of the Bhuvan Bomb Channel. And the tech guru never thought that he would be the top tech blogger. But, my question is that if they followed the previous popular channels, you can’t do that? You have to be confident.

Most popular YouTube channel in INDIA: Now, I am telling you which are the leading channels on YouTube in India? First, “FactTechz”, it started on July 24, 2016, and has 1 million + subscribers. It is the fastest-growing channel. The second one is “Mahatmaji Technical”, it has 130 videos, it started on 22 October 2016 and its subscribers 9 thousand. Huh. Between 10 months he is going to hit one lakh customer right now. The next channel is “Everything Sikh Jano”, has 200 videos, it started on 23 August 2016 and has 9THOUSANDS k subscribers. Between 10 months he is going to hit one lakh customer right now. For the Bhuvan bomb to reach 1 million subscribers, it takes 1 year 3 months. In contrast, technical guru takes 1 year and 4 months. But, the growth rate of these channels is very fast. Time is changing. Change is the rule of our family, our world. So, for those who do not make your YouTube channel, please open your YouTube channel. We are the best site to buy instant youtube views cheap price.

The minimum qualification to create a YouTube channel?

I want to tell you that both Bhuvan Bomb and Gaurav Chaudhary are an educated person. Gaurav did M.Tech in Electronics and Bhuvan Bam is also an educated and talented person. But, to work with YouTube, there is no need to become highly educated. If you are matriculation or H.Sc, then it is fine. If you are a genius, YouTube will take you to the zenith position. But, the situation is not right all the time because so many people do not have the financial situation. They cannot buy hi-fi cameras or hi-fi sets. However, it is not necessary to start with a Hi-Fi camera or Hi-Fi set. If you have passion, then go ahead. Just start it. Don’t think anything

Where should you focus to get success?

If you look at the Mahatma tech channel, you will see that by using his voice, his talent, his hard work, he has got 1 million subscribers. Just think about what he has achieved! My last word is just opening a channel without thinking so much, work hard, just focus on quality, not quantity. You make a video in a week but the video will be the best. Just focus on your skills. Don’t focus on the skills of others. Then, you will succeed on YouTube.

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