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Important things for MBBS in Southeast University

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Students who are applying this year for MBBS in Southeast University students must have to note some important points to get Qingdao University admission students should notify some rules for further procedures in the university.

Students need to complete Visa related formalities first here we are detailing the visa types you may check yours.

X Visa Type: 1 Student who has X visa they need to apply for their residence permit within 30 days before entering in China, in any case, the time limit accedes is will be considered illegal residents one more thing students need to submit physical examination report during applying in the Residence Permit.

F Visa Type: 2)  Students who have an F visa they do not require to hold a residence permit. “Intended days of stay” in the visa. So the Visa validity will decide their days to stay in China.

L Visa type: 3)    Students who have L visa type must obtain an X student visa before applying for their residence permit, otherwise they can only stay in China whenever the validity defined in their L visa.

Students who need to return home for some contingencies time must go to the agency office Jagvimal.com 10 before in advance to obtain a letter of verification for a re-entry visa.

According to China’s laws, international students are suggested whenever they are going out they must carry their Passport and other important credentials this is necessary to the safety and to show the legal status to stay in china just in case public security departments check and ask for identification.

Students, who are transferred to study MBBS in Southeast University from any other university in China, if student has their residence permit issued by China’s public security departments they must go to the entry-exit section of the previous public security department this is necessary to obtain their emigration permits.



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