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Prerequisites to learn Blockchain

 Picking up a course for career growth is an important decision which one must make wisely. With a wide array of development and rise of professional courses, we have seen a surge in demand for technology courses. One such branch of technology which is witnessing whooping growth and demand is Blockchain. A technology that evolved a decade back has now become a mainstream business. Companies are looking for individuals who have knowledge and expertise in this field. There are dedicated departments in companies like Facebook, which are only working towards deciphering the use cases of Blockchain and Blockchain-based app development. While we talk so much about these courses, it becomes important to mention here that an individual who is willing to make a career in this field must choose the right certification course from the right platform. Blockchain Council is a renowned name which has an array of certification course in the field of Blockchain and allied segment.

Prerequisites to learn Blockchain

So, if you are all set to make a career in this field, one needs to have certain prior knowledge. We will be unfolding those details in front of you :

  1. Learning the basics of cryptocurrencies.One of the first things that you should have a clear understanding of is the cryptocurrencies.
  2. Learning the fundamentals of Blockchain. This segment usually involves learning about technology, how does it work, and what are its different use cases. If you hail from a technology background, then it’s an added advantage.
  3. The next thing is information about consensus mechanism. This the mechanism via which a transaction is approved. There is around 20 consensus mechanism, but two of the popular ones are Proof of Work, Proof of Stake.
  4. Prior knowledge about coding will be helpful for you, especially if you are trying to develop a Blockchain-based app. Moreover, having prior knowledge about coding will make it easy for you to understand the concepts of Blockchain and its implications.
  5. Experience in software development
  6. Having knowledge about programming languages like HTML, CSS, Solidity is an added advantage.

Final Call– If you have all this information with you, learning and comprehending the concepts of Blockchain becomes easy. However, most of the platforms offering such courses focus on creating a curriculum which highlights all information about Blockchain and its uses. This will make it easy for you to understand about Blockchain from the start.


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