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Wanted Bengali Groom for Marriage? Your Search End Here!

Bengali people consider their culture a very rich and sound one, and if it comes to marriage they celebrate every ceremony full of great preparations. Bengali Bride always wants intelligent, hard-working, educated and most important things is love, respect, and loyalty. If you Wanted Bengali Groom for Marriage with these qualities then they will get these things by PaatroPaatri site, here you can find your Perfect Bengali Groom.

Here You Will Get Your Perfect Bengali Groom

PaatroPaatri.in is the best site for wanted Bengali Groom for marriage. People can easily found their best Bengali Groom in pune. We are talking about Bengali grooms so, Bengali brides have millions of options. This site also helps to build trust and try to make their bonds strong by matrimonial counselling. Our motive is just to people meet with their special one because we know it is a big decision and most of the people just to make their profiles to cheat people. But we check all the details and background of the person and after this we visible that profiles in our site. Our profiles are real and genuine, and lots of people live their happy married life by this matrimonial site. Now, we are going to discussing about Bengali wedding rituals:

Bengali Pre-Wedding Rituals

If you Wanted Bengali Groom for Marriage then you should know about their amazing rituals. Bengali wedding ceremonies are popular for their rituals and tradition. And some of the important Pre-wedding rituals are mention here:


Typically, this ceremony is related to engagement when Bengali Groom’s family visits Bride’s home and gifted her like saree, jewelry, sweets, etc. And also give her lots of blessings for their married life.

Gaaye Holud

At this ceremony, five or seven married women make a turmeric paste and apply it on the Groom’s body and the same paste sent to the bride’s home to apply on her. This is similar to the Haldi ceremony in Hindu tradition.

Dodhi Mangal

In this ceremony, married women of the bride’s home make her a pair of white and red bangles, Sokha and Pola. Then she fed a meal of curd, rice, and sweets, after this she does not eat anything.

Main Bengali Wedding Rituals

Bor Jatri

The Groom and their family and friends head towards the Bride’s home or their wedding location.

Bor Boron

When the Groom reached the Bride’s location, he is grandly welcomed by the Bride’s family.

Potto Bostra

Bride’s family offered him new clothes for further rituals.

Saat paak

The bride comes and sits on the pidi( Wooden table) and her brothers lift her, then she takes the seven circles around the groom and she covered her eyes with the beetles leaves.

Subho Drishti

This is the best moment when the bride removes the leaves from her eyes and looks in the eyes of the groom.

Mala Bodol

Bride and Groom exchange their garlands in this ritual.


A male member who had a blood relation with the Bride’s family will hand her over to the Groom. Now, the Groom will take all the responsibilities of the bride.


Bride and Groom sit there and repeat chants, then priest keeping Agni or Fire.


After the chants, Bride and Groom take the seven steps around the fire to keep their bond for the next seven lives.


The groom puts sindoor on the bride’s head, this is the sign of her married women. Then the bride covers her head with the new saree which is given by the Groom’s family.


Now, Bride and Groom throw rice on the fire and pray for heir new beginning of life.

Post Bengali Wedding Rituals


Now, Bride leaves her parents home and starts her new journey with their husband.

Bodhu Boron

This is the welcome ceremony of the Bride, where she enters her new home and her new life.

Bou Bhaat

On her first morning, the bride will cook bhaat for the Groom’s family and in the evening the groom’s family organizes a grand party for their loved ones.

So these are the main and beautiful rituals which are celebrated by all family members, and especially it is memorable for Bride and Groom.  


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